Haoming Song is Assistant Professor of Sociology @Case Western Reserve University. A sociologist and demographer by training, Dr. Song received his Ph.D. from @Brown University in 2023. Please find more details in his updated CV.

Dr. Song is an inequality scholar of family diversity, gender, and sexuality (LGBTQ+) in the global context. More broadly, his research unravels the important role of family in the (re)production and reduction of social inequality and health disparity. He studies inequality at the intersections of multiple systems of privilege and oppression, including gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, and social class. Most of his work applies quantitative methods to large-scale representative data in drastically different socio-political contexts, such as the U.S. and China. Against the background of Marriage Equality, his dissertation explores the social organization of family life among sexual minorities in the U.S.

Dr. Song’s work has been published in leading peer-reviewed journals, including Demography, Journal of Marriage and Family, Social Science Research, and Population Research and Policy Review.