Sexual Minorities & Queer Families

Today, despite legal progress and increasing visibility, the LGBTQ+ communities still face pervasive stigma and discrimination at schools, workplaces, housing markets, healthcare settings, and within families. Relatedly, they on average show worse physical and mental health than heterosexual counterparts. Against the background of Marriage Equality in the U.S., Song’s dissertation combines representative datasets to explore the social organization of family life among sexual minorities. Highlighting sexuality as an underappreciated axes of stratification, he asks: could LGBTQ+ people ”do” family differently from heterosexuals to promote equity at home (and beyond)?

He also maintains an active research agenda on the well-being of gender and sexual minorities in global contexts (e.g., in East Asia), based on experimental, computational, geospatial, and qualitative methods .

Current Projects:
1- [Dissertation] Family Inequality: The Social Organization of Family Life among Sexual Minorities”
[Chapter 1] Partner Selection
[Chapter 2] Household Division of Labor
[Chapter 3] Structural Stigma and Mental Health
2 – Demystifying Queer Parenting in China: Qualitative Evidence
(an interdisciplinary collaboration with public health & law scholars & local LGBTQ activists) [under design]